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VPàt IMMO is an independent, human-sized company with 7 employees and is continuing to grow. The activity of a real estate firm is based exclusively on the service. We have always been convinced that services must be rendered in a "non-industrial" context, which makes it possible to bring personalized contact, availability and proximity in human relations, and the obligation of a job well done.

VPàt IMMO is equipped with the latest technologies in information processing. We have and perform the following operations:

  • An extranet reserved for our Clients allowing them to have access to the information,
  • A website - www.vpat.fr - to book furnished apartments online,
  • Dematerialization and digitization of documents allowing our Clients to access certain documents,
  • The optimal use of real estate management software allowing productivity gains,
  • The e-concierge for our tenant customers of furnished apartments.

The computerization of processes and certain tasks has the effect of making us more available to our Clients. The Customer has a perception of availability that is not always identical to ours. Indeed, it is not always possible to answer immediately. The use of the Internet has developed new behaviors with all of us: to access information quickly and independently, to obtain an immediate response to a request.

Our commitment, for example under the Activities Property Administration (Syndic of Coproprity and Rental Management), is to inform you of the delay in processing your request if it can not be treated immediately.

Our activity relies exclusively on the mandates you give us as the functions of Syndic of Co-ownerships, Management, Sale & Rental Transactions. Because our will is to satisfy you and to act in your best interests, we are confident in the renewal of our mandates, that is why our mandates of Syndic of Condominiums are of a maximum duration of one year. Why pursue a relationship of dissatisfaction!

Exclusively, our mandates for the sale of real estate are 2 months. The selling times, in the absence of exclusivity, are generally greater than 4 months.

The outsourcing of the maintenance services of the common parts of the buildings (deletion of the janitors 'and guards' posts) is not satisfactory and is a waste of time and energy for the Trade Union Council and the Co-ownership Syndicate.

Replacing a light bulb, repairing a gate trigger is sometimes an obstacle course.

Difficult to find a craftsman available for these minor maintenance work.

Our company, VPàt IMMO, has set up an internal Concierge service in order to be able to handle "small repairs" and thus be able to satisfy you as quickly as possible.

In short, our values ​​are concretely and operationally:

  • The human relationship with our customers: respect - availability - proximity,
  • Customer satisfaction: listening - respecting our contractual commitments, work well done, transparency,
  • Compliance with the laws,
  • Innovation.

So the greatest satisfaction that we have in carrying out our mission is the trust you show us.

Joël Maître, Véronique Praquin, Séverine Barat, Fred Bomba, Mamadou Camara, Sébastien Coum, Marie Le Quellec, Sophie Maiano, Anne Welgan.

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